Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Yellow Smiley Face Goes Round and Round

I had a lot of fun creating this spinning smiley face GIF image.  I've always enjoyed smiley faces.

In fact, when I began working at Aetna Life & Casualty in 1990, I'd sit at my desk and draw smiley faces when I had to think about something.  Like everyone else, I also doodled on a scratchpad while on talking on the phone.

If you're young you're probably trying to figure out how old I am if I began working in 1990!  Well, I'll save you to the trouble.  I am 50 years young and I'm enjoying being 'mature'.  There is no substitute for maturity as it makes life so much easier in so many different areas.

Smiley Faces with Benefits After 50

I liberated the text below from a website named Vivafifty.com.  The article URL is below.

The post focuses on the benefits of being over fifty years old. It's written by Delfín Carbonell Basset who is a graduate of Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh.

Delfín holds a Ph.D. in Philology from Madrid and he's authored 35 books in both English and Spanish, published by McGraw-Hill, Barron’s, Larousse, Anaya and Serbal. He has taught at Pitt, F&M, Scranton and Murray St. University.

I never thought there were any real benefits of being over 50. But my editor seems to think otherwise. Recently I got chewed up by her. She accused me of being overly serious and a bit stuck up about this business of aging.

She said: Come off your high horse and quit quoting long-forgotten authors; let them rest in their dust-mite world, and consider keyboarding cheerful topics that will help us in this valley of tears that is life and aging.

Rein in your pedantic leanings and come down to the world of reality. Count your blessings, old man, and help others count theirs. Valley of tears? I said to myself. Is that what life is all about?

Perhaps she was off-color when she wrote that and not feeling like herself, but she got me thinking. How lucky I am to be over fifty, way over fifty. It is indeed a blessing, bliss on earth, and so I am going to tell you, younger folks, about the benefits of age.

And this time I promise not to quote writers of yore, never fear. For the fifty plus, the world changes. For one, men and women below that age start looking better. They walk faster, have more muscle tone, more hair, glowing skin, better teeth, better conversation and are, by far, sexier. Of course, to realize this you must go over the fifty hump. Before that we do not seem to notice the minutiae.

 The over-fifty crowd get discounts almost everywhere and that makes the under-fifty group green with envy. They must pay full price as a punishment for being younger. I get to visit museums paying half price, and sometimes even nothing. There is no need to keep the opposite sex at bay. Women do not chase me any more, not that they did that much when I was under fifty.

I do not get pinched in the subway and girls do not make eyes at me. This is a relief because I would not know what to do: Wink? Smile? Go over and start a conversation? Hide my walking stick?

Women fifty or older, have it better and easier. They do not have to hear obscene remarks about their physical attributes. In the workplace, a recent study shows, older women are sexually harassed much less than younger and better looking ones. The fear of getting pregnant by strangers is gone by now and women can let their hair down all they want, if they so desire. And if they have plenty of money.  This helps.

Another recent study shows that moneyed women attract more eligible bachelors. The over fifty mob gets to learn a lot about health facilities, doctors and medication. Younger people have no interest in exploring hospitals or making acquaintances with doctors and nurses and they miss this fun, and have to wait a few years to relish contact with the medical profession.

Keep reading: http://www.vivafifty.com/being-over-50-surprising-perks-2286/ 

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